Working with TL has been life changing for me not only because of the new skills I’ve learned but the confidence I now have in myself and my ability all because she believed in me. I had no previous lifting experience before I joined her and now feel confident in all compound movements and many more not to mention all the stretch, flow and foam rolling knowledge I’ve learned that I can incorporate into everyday life. I wouldn’t have survived lockdown without you so thank you for everything you do.

Ashley Heffernan

natalie (2).jpg

What can I say about TL, she is an inspiration. TL has helped me physically and mentally for around 10 years! I honestly do not know where I would be without her, she is always there when I need her and supported me through my fitness challenges. TL knows that I struggle with body-image and takes this into consideration when assisting me with my training and encouraging me to love myself. Through lockdown, the online classes have provided me with stability and routine at this time of uncertainty. The difference between some classes at the gym and TL’s classes is, that TL shares her knowledge with you and focuses on technique. When I am at the gym, I have been complemented on my technique and I have TL to thank for that! TL has also helped me with sports massage and loosening out those knots to cure a sore knee and been there for a coffee and a chat when I’ve had a bad day. TL isn’t a quick fix – she’s a lifestyle.’

Nat Dinning

I first started training with Tracylee at TL-Fitness in 2013. At that time I knew about the fitness sessions. What I didn't know, and have come to learn, is how knowledgeable she is regarding health, fitness and nutrition. TL is a consummate professional, committed to enabling others to help themselves. Whatever the goal is you have for yourself, discuss it with TL and she'll assist you with devising a plan to achieve it. Training is always good fun, with a group of like minded people. Even zoom sessions are enjoyable, with feedback and direction on how to maintain good form. There is variety within the training program, it's never boring. I attend regular group sessions, however I arrange personal training sessions. These are scheduled for specific events, for example if I'm training to run a marathon. I also visit TL for sports massage. This started a few years ago when I experienced hip pain. My hip was so painful I was being awakened at night if I rolled onto it. I had thought it might be the start of arthritis. However, after 3 massage sessions it had improved immeasurably. I now have regular massages, about once a month. I increase the frequency if I'm having issues, eg around knees, hips or shoulders. Massage sorts me out every time. I'm fortunate to have TL as part of my support network.

June MacLeod

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Nic Boag.jpg

Tracylee is a truly excellent trainer. She takes a holistic approach with all her clients and this has had a hugely positive impact on me as a whole.  TL has a vision for all her clients, goes above and beyond for them and produces results. She is the perfect blend of being tough, working you hard in the gym and knowing when to be warm and encouraging.  I joined the Warrior Chic group last year after not being in the gym for several years. The groups is led brilliantly by TL. The group revived my enjoyment of exercising and going to the gym.  I have also had 1 to 1 personal training sessions. She has built up my confidence gradually, skilfully, always keeping the sessions challenging focused and above all enjoyable.  I recommend her wholeheartedly. She is fabulous!

Nicola Boag

Becoming part of the TL Fitness family has been the best thing that ever happened to me! I was finding it hard to get motivated, and she helped me immensely, providing support and advice every step of the way. I have a new found passion for weight training that I never had before (I used to find it boring!). She is has helped me to become fitter and stronger, and I've made friends that will last a lifetime. TL gives great fitness and nutrition advice, and has helped me to be healthier and happier. I would also highly recommend her massage treatments - the sports massage is great value for money, and always helps me ease off my achy parts of my body!

Fiona Doyle


I have had the pleasure of being a part of and supported by TL and the Warrior Chics for some time now. I have used several services TL has including, Group Sessions, PT, Check Ins, PT Hub, the new You Tube which has supported my netball coaching! As well as all this TL gives up her time and dedication to teach, not just bark orders she shares her knowledge and teaches you so you can take it away, learn & grow as a person! Skills and knowledge that is worth its weight in gold!

Carly Park

I have been working out with TL for just over a year now and I feel the workouts we do have made me fitter than what I did in the past at the gym I am a member of. I highly recommend you join in with TL and the Warrior Chics . Not only do you get fit you get the most amazing encouragement and support from TL and the girls and the other bonus is you have fun! 10/10.

Carol Dodd

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I have been a client of TL-Fitness for 2 years. I also used to train with her before she went off on her travels back in 2014. I have attended Personal Training, Warrior Chic Group Sessions,Sports Therapy Massage and at present Zoom Online Classes. With Tracylee's  guidance, she has taught me how to live a "Healthy Balanced Lifestyle" with consistent results. Sports Therapy Massage has also helped my sciatic nerve issues.
I highly recommend TL and her various classes. She is very knowledgeable, gives her clients 100% support with fitness programs tailored to your individual needs as you progress. With TL "Fitness is Fun" and I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with her.

Alison Conahan

Not only has TL and the warrior chic changed my fitness & health but it's had an impact on my life in many other areas such as increasing my confidence. They make me feel amazing. The service she provides goes way beyond what we pay for or what you'd expect from a trainer and most importantly it's genuine. I have received great results from the nutrition and training TL has provided. Everyone needs a TL in their life.

Mags McLean