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A Little Bit About Me

I specialise in Women's health and fitness and have worked in the health and fitness industry 15 years.


I strive to lead an active healthy lifestyle. This has been a dominant feature in my life from early years as a child playing many sports though to my current role in health and fitness industry. I discovered a passion for teaching early in my career. I also enjoy helping others to be successful in fulfilling their goals. A combination of these factors led me to where I am today. 

I have a BSc(Hons) Sports and exercise science degree coupled with several health and fitness qualifications which include HND Health & Fitness, personal training, group exercise and sports therapy. 

I am an Endometriosis Warrior and in my spare time you will find me outside as much as possible, hillwalking, cycling or exploring. I love weightlifting, muay Thai and yoga. I believe in moving every single day.


My passion for coaching females grew organically,  from my formative experiences; in the beginning I coached at a local female only gym. This fueled my desire to focus solely on gaining as much knowledge about female fitness, the female body and the most effective way to train women. 


My love of travel allowed me to further my professional and personal development as I have coached/worked with female clients all over the world. I gained a unique perspective of the health and fitness industry while living and working in Melbourne. There I managed a gym and simultaneously trained women at a female only personal training studio. These experiences led me to my specialism today. 


My aim when returning to Scotland was to build a health and fitness community of Warrior Chics. I wanted to nurture, mentor and empower as many female as I can. The community is thriving and continues to grow. I am fully committed to this group and I believe I can help you. 


I believe in a healthy balanced lifestyle though exercise, nutrition and mindset. Movement is medicine and consistency is key. Everything in life in moderation with nothing banned! Bear in mind there are no quick fixes to achieve long term health and fitness results. I will help you achieve sustainable continuous results while improving your current lifestyle and maintaining the things you enjoy. If your goals are to achieve fat loss, weight loss, building muscle, getting fit or just simply learning how to exercise and eat properly - GET IN TOUCH.